Construction Web Site Designer

Construction Web Site

After an initial consultation with P4 Services, the Tekcabin team worked on designing and building the branding for the new startup, including logo design, van graphics, and website.

  • Logo Design – Tekcabin created a warm and modern logo for P4 Services, incorporating neutral tones of grey and blue along with a standout ‘P’ icon.
  • Website Design – Tekcabin developed an image-led website showcasing P4 Services’ beautiful building projects, optimized for quick loading on both PC and mobile devices.
  • Van Graphics Design – The new logo was incorporated into P4 Services’ vans, along with other branding elements.
  • Clothing Design – P4 Services’ branding was extended to clothing items.

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Construction Web Site Designer

ekcabin designed a user-friendly website that allows easy updates using the WordPress CMS system, the world’s #1 CMS platform.

P4 Services expressed the need for a simple-to-update website due to their limited tech-savviness, and with training and assistance from Tekcabin, they can now manage any page updates efficiently.

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Building Company Web Design Agency

Web Design Objectives - Creating an effective web design to promote P4 Services.

  • WordPress CMS – Utilizing the WordPress content management system for easy website management.
  • Image-Led Website – Designing a visually appealing website with a focus on showcasing building services.
  • Comprehensive Building Services Display – Highlighting all available building services on the website.
  • Branded with P4 Services Colors – Incorporating P4 Services’ brand colors for a consistent and recognizable identity.
  • Mobile and Tablet Responsive – Ensuring the website is responsive and user-friendly for mobile and tablet users.
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