Future-proof Evolving Technology

As the landscape is always changing in the travel industry you need to stay ahead of your competitors. Tekcabin allows you to do just this. As technology evolves, we evolve our travel technology system, and you benefit. Choose from new modules or adapt your business with different functionality. If it’s not there, we can even develop this for you under our tailor-made Tekcabin service.

Mobile Travel Technology Solutions

Dynamic Browser Technology

With the changing behaviour of consumers, you need to be available anywhere at any time. Have a fully functional online booking system on any device with our dynamic browser technology. Make sales on mobile phone devices, tablets, and PCs.

  • Dynamic Browser Technology
  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Drive More Mobile Bookings
  • Google Friendly
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Manage your products

You are what you sell. Whether it’s mass market products, or niche products, through third party suppliers or your own stock – Tekcabin has the travel technology solution for you. Offer flights, hotels, villas, tours, twin centres, cruises, transfers, and add-on extras. These can be standalone products or a combination for the ultimate package. Our inventory solution manages availability for you with automated inventory management. Adjust capacity based on calendar dates or based on sales made for the month, whichever suits your limits. If you like to be hands on, then view instantly what is available at anytime.

  • Endless Product Types
  • Control Inventory
  • Simple Contracting Tool
  • Up-sell extras

Your own travel website from £399 per month

No upfront investment, no long-term commitment, no licence fees after 24 months, server fees included. Ask for more information to see full details.

Travel Technology Dash Board

Advanced back end

The travel system also has fully manual entry options, so your call centre can also take bookings “manually” offline or online using the in-system search function, add complex itineraries, amend any bookings, add extras, remove, send vouchers, manage any complicated bookings, and much more.

The Tekcabin travel reservation system back-end environment allows users to view bookings and enquiries through the dashboard. It shows departmental, and personal performance to maintain a target-driven travel sales environment.

  • Manage Orders
  • Produce Documents
  • Generate Reports
  • Manage Site Content
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Google Friendly Content Management

The Tekcabin travel technology software’s CMS system is a robust environment that allows easy updates of any area of the travel website and it’s data.

The system has been designed to create efficiency for marketing with minimised input during sales campaigns. It has timed banners, timed sales, and timed offers – all allowing you to run your business on autopilot without worrying about whether you removed that special offer.

The travel technology system is also SEO optimised so that you can be found in search engines more effectively.

  • Customisable CSS
  • Optimised Content
  • Google Friendly
  • Automate Sale Campaigns
Travel Technology Booking Engine