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Search Engine Optimisation

Do you wonder why some websites show at the top of search engine results? For example, you may be searching for “holidays to Turkey” and see a list of websites in Google. What determines which website comes up higher in the search?

If you want visitors to your website you need to seriously focus on search engine optimisation (SEO) as part of your marketing strategy. Tekcabin is a UK SEO company, and so will get you to the top of search engines and help reach your targets with our quality SEO services.

What is Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting your website to come up at the top of search engines like Google. Imagine if your company was at the top of the search engines. That would mean more website visitors, more leads and more sales. Not a bad idea at all…
Tekcabin SEO services involve a wide range of strategies to get you to the top and achieve your goals.

SEO Packages

SEO Packages include a range of no-follow links, do-follow links, social shares, no-link listings, local listing, blog links, forum posts, and more. All giving a natural link profile for your domain with an aim to increase both rankings and traffic to your website.

Example SEO Packages: (Prices may vary based on bespoke requirements)


£250per month
  • Site Optimisation Included
  • Competitor Analysis Included
  • Focus Keywords 10 - 20
  • Monitor 1 - 50 Words
  • Links Up to 5
  • Authority Min 20
  • Trust Flow Min 20
  • Citation Flow Min 20
  • Reports Included
  • Minimum 3 Months


£750per month
  • Site Optimisation Included
  • Competitor Analysis Included
  • Focus Keywords 10 - 20
  • Monitor 100 - 150 Words
  • Links Up to 15
  • Authority Min 20
  • Trust Flow Min 20
  • Citation Flow Min 20
  • Blog 4 Articles
  • Reports Included
  • Minimum 3 Months

Please Note: All search engine optimisation packages are tailored to each individual client. We do not use standard templates for every client, and so prices may vary based on the scope of SEO services required.

Quality guidelines: All of our linking domains are screened to ensure that they have quality guidelines met, ensuring you are enjoying links from strong domains. We always aim to create links for even stronger domains, but in the name of variety and natural looking links, we use minimum requirements.

Search Engine Optimization

Free SEO Review

Tekcabin can give you a free website analysis.

  • Discover your current website ranking
  • Discover your Google pagespeed against your competitors
  • Discover search engine opportunities
  • Discover errors and how you can fix these
    and much more
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First things first, Tekcabin will ensure we understand your objectives. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to be at the top of search engines? Do you want more traffic, do you want more sales? Of course you do! And that’s what Tekcabin SEO services are here for


In order to conduct a real SEO strategy we need to know where you are currently with your website. To do this Tekcabin will analyse your website with a technical site audit, content audit, we will do a competitor analysis, an inbound link audit, industry keyword research. We will really get our teeth into your website and understand fully what’s going on with it.


Based on our findings on our website SEO analysis and your objectives at hand, we will complete a short-term, medium-term, and long-term SEO strategy which clearly lays out how we will meet your objectives. We will implement our online SEO services with attention to detail as you would expect from a UK SEO company that is focused on quality of service.


Tekcabin constantly tracks and reviews our approach to our website SEO services to ensure our strategies are working at the rate we want them to. Tekcabin can work with your technical team to get our SEO strategy implemented or we can also manage the whole process for you from top to bottom.