If your Google rankings have dropped suddenly or your website is no longer found on Google, you have been affected by a Google penalty. Google penalties can be in the form of manual penalties or algorithm penalties.

Tekcabin is experienced in dealing with Google Penalties with great success, and if given the chance, we will analyse your website to remove any Google penalty issues with a full Google penalty recovery service.

Google Recovery Solutions

Manual penalties

Manual penalties come in the form of being penalised for specific actions. For example Google penalises you if there is a link that has been placed on another website to yours that Google doesn’t like for some reason. This can happen if you for example paid for the link. Google can actually remove you from its entire index!

The good news is Tekcabin can identify this problem for you and take over the process of getting your website lifted from a manual penalty with our Google penalty recovery service. We would do this by removing your website from these external websites or asking Google to ignore these links. We would then ask Google to forgive you for this.

The bad news is, this can take time as many website owners ignore your requests to have your link removed from theirs, or even charge for this service. Sometimes if Google doesn’t believe you have learnt from your mistakes it can even ignore your requests. Tekcabin ensures the Google recovery procedure is processed as fast as possible for you in the right way with our Google penalty recovery service.

Contact Tekcabin today for a free personal website SEO audit and gain traffic back to your website with our expert Google penalty recovery service!

Algorithm Penalties

Google ranks websites by using a seriously complicated code known as an algorithm. This is like a filter that determines where a site will rank based on Google’s own largely secret criteria.

Algorithm penalties are not as obvious as the manual penalty because your website may not be completely removed from Google’s index, and you just see a drop in rankings implying you have been affected by a Google algorithm update.

You may find your website has dropped ranking from position number 6 to number 60. In situations like this, algorithm penalties are the most likely reasons for your drop in Google search result position.

Tekcabin will identify if it is an algorithm penalty that has affected your website, and if so – which one(s) specifically.

Algorithm penalties include being penalised for low quality links pointing to your website, low quality and copied content on your website, thin low detail content on your website, site speed, and mobile compatibility and much more.

We did say Google’s algorithms are complicated didn’t we?

Google Algorithm Penalties