Creative Web Design

Web Design Agency.

The internet is always evolving, and so should you r business. Just as you may invest in other areas, your new shopfront is your website. In the 21st century, we cannot operate any business without a website.

Tekcabin can design you a website that will give a professional message to your target audience. We design websites for any sector, and we have a vast experience in many types of businesses.

Give your organisation a professional edge and stand out. Deliver the message to your potential audience that you are the organisation they should be in contact with. Make your website a conversion machine and take in enquiries, make bookings online, sell products online.

We use the latest web design technologies to create great websites.

At Tekcabin we always aim for our websites to be slick and modern in design. We optimise all our websites for the best search engine results in terms of technical Search Engine Optimisation and we ensure your website is fast, efficient and can be viewed online and on mobile devices.  

We can design website for you from scratch, use template-based design and customise them. Whatever your message we will deliver for you in the most efficient way.  

The Tekcabin team can design websites in many website platforms including custom php based designs from scratch. The benefit of these website is that they are one of kind and allow you total control over all elements. This is perfect for power users, and those looking to truly standout with custom designs but also customer development and website functionality.  

Responsive Design

All websites are designed for all the latest devices including mobile & tablets.

Control your website

Design, create and edit beautiful pages.


All websites include basic search engine optimisation as standard.

Affordable Web Design

We produce beautiful websites at affordable prices.

Web Design Agency

Web design with a clear vision.

WordPress is our favourite platform to design websites on, especially if it is an enquiry-based website or incorporates into a shopping cart, takes bookings and reservations through calendar-based systems. The great thing about WordPress is that it has so many already developed custom tools that you can incorporate into your new website. Functions and tools include SEO tools, booking tools, conversion tools, photo galleries, and many more. This delivers a powerful website at very competitive prices in comparison to fully custom making it from scratch. Even though it is WordPress, you can still customise the design to suit your needs and present it as a fully unique website.

Build a website with a difference; creative, impactful, memorable.

Other website platforms in addition to WordPress that Tekcabin can customise and deliver compelling designs are WIX, Weebly, square space, site123. Jimdo and many more.