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Restaurant Website for Kilikya Group

Kilikya Turkish Restaurant is based in London. They offer the very best Turkish food in Canary Wharf. Kilikya originally contacted Tekcabin in 2017, they needed an agency to fully refurbish their digital presence.

At the time they had several restaurant locations in London, and they knew that their existing restaurant websites were not performing well. This was due to for them having 3 restaurant websites for each restaurant location. This caused several issues for the restaurant takes time and effort to keep all three restaurant websites updated. All three restaurants where unbranded and all look different. The other issue was SEO was missing, with duplicate content.  Having multiple websites and posting the same content on each site may seem like a great way to improve your SEO, but search engines do not like this.

Very efficient and professional restaurant website service. Updated me constantly. Enver was particularly helpful. Highly recommend!

— Alex / Marketing Manager

Restaurant Website Designer

Firstly, we implemented a central WordPress restaurant CMS where all three restaurant locations would be showcased. This was an important aspect of the restaurant website, as it allowed them to build different pages, such as restaurant menu, restaurant locations and reservations. This WordPress restaurant CMS where would not only allow them to maintain one website instead three it would also help with both branding and SEO.

Tekcabin transferred each of the old restaurant websites into a one new single WordPress database and created new content and media. To help navigate people who may have been looking for the old restaurant domains and to not lose traffic, 301 redirects were put in place.

Our London based restaurant web designers have a reputation for providing high-end restaurant web development at affordable prices.

Restaurant Web Design Agency

Restaurant Website design key features

  • Beautifully designed and easy to navigation
  • Quick to load and optimised for Google
  • Built for mobile and tablet devices
  • Branded to Kilikya
  • Search Engine Optimised
  • Easy to use CMS system
  • Scalable
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