The Ship Inn Hotel Kyrenia North Cyprus

The Ship Inn

The Ship Inn hotel is located in Kyrenia, North Cyprus. The hotel wants to offer clients the ability to book the hotel online along with the option to offer their website visitors flights.

Tekcabin’s hotel system not only allows clients to book a hotel but offers them flights from all other world. There is also the ability to assign two airports to one destination. This means that The Ship Inn is able to offer flights to Larnaca airport and Ercan airports.

The Ship Inn hotel also has the desire to increase its gross margins and the Tekcabin system delivers this in many levels. Firstly the middle man is cut out, so revenues are maximised without agency fees, secondly the hotel can add on their stock of transfers and extras. this means that they not only make revenues from the hotel stay, but also the transfers that collect the clients, and even the optional tours they wish to promote.

With this level of control and the ability to deliver the same technological benefits as booking through other online travel agents, the Ship inn benefits form improved conversions and increased revenues.

The Ship Inn has spent a large amount of investment into their current website and so they do not wish to lose the website build they currently have. With this in mind, they have opted for a Tekcabin search widget, which allows them to keep their current website, but just place the search function onto their website.